Chemical Inventory Program

Chemical inventory management is a necessary part of ensuring a safe work area and of being responsible stewards of our environment. In addition, maintaining an accurate inventory is a requirement of federal and state regulations. 

Texas A&M University has adopted BioRAFT/ChemTracker to support this effort.  The ChemTracker module in BioRAFT provides a centralized web-based Chemical Inventory Program to assist researchers and laboratory staff as well as other Texas A&M University personnel with managing their chemical information within their lab space, stock rooms and other areas. Users of the program are able to add, delete, modify, and track chemical inventory information as well as export data into an Excel spreadsheet. EHS uses data gathered from the program to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, prepare annual Tier II reports, and provide information to emergency planning coordinators and emergency responders.

For directions to use ChemTracker to enter your chemical inventory information, Click here.

For information on how to obtain a chemical inventory user account, please contact EHS at

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