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As part of our commitment to safety, EHS has commenced the rollout of BioRAFT, an enterprise software solution that will help maintain a healthy and safe environment for Texas A&M and the research community. Our goal is to provide researchers with easy access to their lab’s safety information, reduce administrative burden, and allow EHS personnel to more efficiently manage safety information. BioRAFT will be used to manage records of lab members, training, hazard identification, inspections, reporting, chemical inventory, and more.

Contact Information for general BioRAFT questions.

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Sergio Luna (Lab Safety)

John Fields (Building Inspections) You will be prompted to login in with your UIN and password or your NetID and password.Laboratory Registration Procedure Whether you are a new researcher to the University or are moving your existing laboratory to a new space on campus, your lab must be registered with Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). Laboratory registration information is used to identify the location of all laboratories and laboratory support facilities, the appropriate contact for each laboratory space, and the hazards in each laboratory. It is also used to determine the appropriate and necessary safety training for all personnel in the laboratory and to facilitate in emergency response preparations.To register your lab, go to and click on the link to enter your Texas A&M University System ID and password. Click here for directions on how to set-up your lab and verify lab spaces.First time users: PIs logging in to BioRAFT for the first time will be prompted to complete the General Lab Set-up Wizard.Returning users: PIs who have already completed the initial set-up may go to their lab profile within BioRAFT to verify their spaces. Contact EHS at if you need to have a space added to your profile.

PI Guide for Self-Registration in BioRAFT

This document provides guidance for a Principal Investigator (PI) to self-register in BioRAFT. This course is targeted toward all faculty and staff who are responsible for an academic or research laboratory.

Guide/Training for using ChemTracker

This training provides guidance for inputting chemicals into the ChemTracker application within BioRAFT. This course is targeted toward all faculty members, staff, and students who manage chemical inventory for their workspace and is required of anyone who submits their respective inventories to EHS for annual Tier II Chemical Inventory Reporting.

BioRAFT Lab Inspection Report Guidance Document

This document provides guidance to Principal Investigators (PI) and the laboratory group’s Compliance Liaison on how to confirm, update, and finalize a laboratory inspection report in BioRAFT.

BioRAFT - ChemTracker Reconciliation of Chemical Inventory

This guidance document will assist you with navigating the chemical inventory reconciliation process in ChemTracker.

Door Sign Guidance Document

This guidance document will assist you with creating a door sign for your lab. You will be able to customize your sign based on the hazards selected during your laboratory registration process. The sign should include emergency contact information, lab hazards, PPE requirements, GHS pictograms, NFPA diamond, and other information that may be of importance to your lab.