How do I request chemical waste to be removed from my lab?

Chemical waste is disposed with a Chemical Waste Tag and the Dakota online notification program.  The Chemical Waste Tags are green and replace the manila tags. The manila tags have expired and should be discarded.  The green Chemical Waste Tags can be obtained by calling EHS at 979-845-2132 or emailing

A waste container should be clean and dry and shippable. The label defaced and clearly marked with the word “waste”. This is to prevent confusion as to the contents. Attach a green Chemical Waste Disposal Tag to the container and write down the waste as it is added. Waste must be compatible with the container. As new waste is added to the container, consider the compatibility of the constituents in the waste container with the new waste (acid-base, reactives, and oxidizer-fuels) before adding. List each waste constituent once, including any water. 

Each lab or shop must be registered in the Dakota program before requesting disposal of chemical waste. Email to register. Login credentials and a User’s Guide will be provided during the registration process.