How do I know if my material is a hazardous material?

Hazardous Material is a substance or material that the Secretary of Transportation has determined is capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property when transported in commerce.  

A hazardous material may be any biological, chemical, gas, or radioactive material which is defined as being hazardous per the Department of Transportation (DOT) and/or the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and/or the International Aviation Transportation Association (IATA).  

The information for identifying/classifying hazardous materials can be found in the DOT Hazardous Materials Table or in the current IATA List of Dangerous Goods. Each material should be reviewed, identified, and classified on a case by case basis, as the IATA and DOT lists are quite extensive.

If you are unsure of classification/identification, prior to shipping your material, contact must be made with EHS Hazardous Materials Specialist to assist in identifying/classifying your material.

Contact Monica Cortez by e-mail or phone 979-845-4889 for assistance.