How do I know if I need an asbestos survey?

If you are intentionally disturbing any material in a campus building that may contain asbestos, you must request an asbestos survey prior to your work. This includes any renovation or demolition of the following materials:

  • Wallboard/Sheetrock
  • Joint Compound
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Thermal System Insulation (TSI) - pipes, pipe fittings, insulation wraps, etc.
  • Spray-on Soundproofing
  • Spray-on Fireproofing
  • Spray-on Insulation
  • Carpet and/or Carpet Mastic
  • Floor Tile and/or Floor Tile Mastic
  • Caulk, Sealant, Waterproofing, etc.
  • Ductwork and/or Ductwork Mastic
  • Cooler/Cold Room Insulation
  • Fume Hood Panels
  • Laboratory Benchtops
  • Any building material not composed entirely of wood, metal, concrete, glass, or plastic