How do I get help with the purchase of safety equipment?

The Program

The Safety Equipment Program is available to Texas A&M University faculty in College Station, Texas. This program provides funding assistance for up to 50% of the final purchase cost of chemical storage cabinets and explosion proof or flammable materials storage refrigerators and freezers. Other safety equipment requests such as emergency eyewash stations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 


This program is primarily intended to assist current faculty members in correcting chemical storage concerns in existing spaces. The program will also serve as a means for new faculty to begin work in a safe and compliant laboratory environment. Eligibility will be based upon previously identified deficiencies, relative risk reduction, and cost benefits. EHS will review the forms received for completeness and merit and will conduct a visual assessment for the safety equipment needs. Applicants will be notified via email of the outcome of the review. A notice of approval indicates that funds will be made available contingent upon the purchase of the specified equipment and the return of appropriate documentation (e.g. signed and dated packing slip). Please note that the program does not provide funds for installation or shipping. If installation or shipping is required, departmental funds must be available and approved in order for the request to be approved. If there is not adequate space within the lab for the safety equipment, requests may be denied.

Safety Equipment Program

Safety Equipment Purchase Form