How do I decommission and/or prepare laboratory equipment for surplus?

Decommissioning or Preparation of Laboratory Equipment for Surplus and/or Transfer

Laboratory equipment must be decommissioned when it is:

  • part of a laboratory decommissioning process,
  • being removed from service and/or stored – whether temporarily or permanently,
  • leaving Texas A&M University (TAMU),
  • moving to another laboratory or building on any TAMU campus, or
  • being released to TAMU Surplus Property or otherwise disposed of in a proper manner.

The decommissioning procedure includes decontaminating the equipment for chemical, biological, and/or radiological hazards that were or may have been in contact with that equipment and documenting the decontamination method(s) used.

The complete procedure is provided in Section 3.2 (Equipment Decommissioning) of the TAMU Laboratory and Laboratory Equipment Decommissioning Standard Administrative Procedure (24.01.01.M4.04).  A summary of the decommissioning procedure is below.  Decontamination methods are described in Section 4 (Methods) of the SAP.

Equipment Decommissioning Procedure (Summary)

  • Decontaminate the lab equipment in a manner appropriate for the hazards or potential hazards.
  • Complete the TAMU Equipment Decontamination Form.
  • Sign and attached the completed form to the equipment.
  • Maintain a copy of the signed form in your records.


Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and the Office of Biosafety are available to consult as needed.  Questions may be directed to the appropriate party as listed below.

  • Questions about General Laboratory Equipment or this Procedure:
  • Questions about Equipment in which Biological Material was Used/Stored:
  • Questions about Equipment in which Radiological Material was Used/Stored or Lasers: 

NOTE: With the exception of items used or potentially contaminated with radioactive materials, or containing a laser or x-ray source, EHS approval is no longer required to submit equipment to TAMU Surplus Property.  However, the releasing party retains full responsibility for ensuring laboratory equipment is properly and completely decontaminated.  TAMU Surplus Property has the right to refuse any equipment that does not appear to be decontaminated and/or that does not have a completed and signed TAMU Equipment Decontamination Form attached to it.