Environmental Compliance

EHS conducts stormwater inspections on behalf of the university for 100% of construction sites on campus. These inspections identify best management practice (BMP) controls which have the potential to affect our Municipal Storm Sewer System (MS4) if not functioning properly.  EHS conducts these inspections every two weeks.  The inspection is then reported to the proper contractor and forwarded to the TAMU entity responsible for that project.   EHS maintains these inspections throughout construction.  Contractors are responsible for their own inspections of their site and must abide by an inspection schedule as well as inspections after rain events. 

A checklist is used to help identify environmental concerns and ensure these concerns are consistently monitored. EHS encourages contractors and staff to use this checklists on a regular basis to perform self-assessments of their construction sites.

EHS provides stormwater training for contractors, sub-contractors and entities within the university that could have an adverse effect on stormwater quality across campus.  Texas A&M has a Stormwater Management Plan which offers resources and explanation of our requirements for Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) concerning stormwater management and protection.  In addition, EHS conducts semi-annual outfall inspections of the more than 100 outfalls across campus.  These are visual inspections that monitor water quality, erosion and illicit discharge detection. 

If you suspect illegal dumping into campus waterways or you are concerned about a construction site, contact EHS (insert Monica Hartman contact) immediately.

  • Environmental Compliance Inspections Checklist
  • Environmental Compliance Inspection Schedule

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