How do I register or close out/decommission my laboratory?

Registering and Decommissioning Laboratories

Laboratory Registration and Laboratory Decommissioning are both important steps to ensure the safety of all TAMU personnel and to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state regulations.

Laboratory Registration Procedure

Whether you are a new researcher to the University or are moving your existing laboratory to a new space on campus, your lab must be registered with Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).  Laboratory registration information is used to identify the location of all laboratories and laboratory support facilities, the appropriate contact for each laboratory space, and the hazards in each laboratory.  It is also used to determine the appropriate and necessary safety training for all personnel in the laboratory and to facilitate in emergency response preparations.


To register your lab, go to and click on the link to enter your Texas A&M University System ID and passwordClick here for directions on how to set-up your lab and verify lab spaces.

  • First time users: PIs logging in to BioRAFT for the first time will be prompted to complete the General Lab Set-up Wizard.
  • Returning users: PIs who have already completed the initial set-up may go to their lab profile within BioRAFT to verify their spaces. Contact EHS at if you need to have a space added to your profile.

Laboratory Decommissioning Procedure

Whenever a laboratory or chemical use room is vacated, it is necessary to ensure that all hazards have been removed and that remaining equipment and countertops have been decontaminated prior to the new occupants assuming responsibility for the space.  This laboratory decommissioning process must be started at least three months before vacating the chemical use room/laboratory to allow ample time to properly dispose of all materials.

The Laboratory and Laboratory Equipment Decommissioning Standard Administrative Procedure (24.01.01.M4.04) details the responsibilities of all parties involved in the decommissioning of a laboratory space and specifies the steps that must be completed to successfully decommission a lab.

Contact Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) as soon as you know you will be closing out your lab. Notification must be made by email to Include the lab location (building name, building number, and lab room numbers), the name of the Principal Investigator (PI) in charge of the lab, the anticipated close out date, and contact information (if other than the PI).  Once notification has been received, EHS will then schedule a decommissioning consultation. 

The documents linked below will be used in the decommissioning procedure, as detailed in the decommissioning SAP.

EHS will conduct a laboratory closeout survey within 30 days of the actual closing of the lab. This survey should be scheduled as soon as possible, at least two weeks in advance of the requested date. If indicated, the Office of Biosafety will be represented at the time of the laboratory closeout survey. Upon completion of the survey, EHS will give closure and clearance to the department utilizing the form in Appendix B. If any non-conformances are found, they must be addressed by the principal investigator and a new survey scheduled.

If this procedure is not followed and the laboratory is not properly closed out, any costs incurred, including EHS or Office of Biosafety staff time, disposal costs, fines, etc. will be charged back to the Department involved. EHS and the Office of Biosafety acknowledges that a departmental policy towards cost recovery from the PI/Laboratory supervisor is the purview of individual departments.